Multi-talented Firefighter/EMT, country singer-songwriter, and musician Mark Ware discovered his love of music in the church at a very early age. He became a staple, playing piano every Sunday, and by the age of 19, he formed a gospel group called All-4-Him. The success of All-4-Him inspired Mark to start a second band called Shiloh. A southern rock band that went on to become one of the hottest bands in Atlanta for over 14 years.

All along, Mark became a Firefighter/EMT, eventually landing at the top command staff and working on an executive board of directors for ALL firefighters in Georgia. While Mark was climbing the ranks of the fire service, success soon turned dark when at the age of 35, Mark lost a child. The death of his beloved 14-year-old daughter caused Mark to walk away from his roots and spiral into the dark hole of addiction, retreating from his family, church, and the success of his bands and music career. But it was through the church that Mark recovered and allowed music back into his heart, expressing his pain through words and notes. Soon after, Mark found and married the love of his life, Kim. With the hand of the Lord, he was able to love her through losing her 18-year-old child in a horrific car accident. Mark and Kim’s two beautiful girls were buried beside each other, only six inches apart.

After Mark’s loss and recovery, he began writing and performing again through his love of country music. A high school friend and bass player of Collective Soul (Will Tupin) took notice and invited him to record his original music in his studio. Will went on the produce two songs for Mark. Mark Ware was back on track, chasing his dreams.

With more than 30 years of experience, this veteran Fireman and Fire Chief can handle the heat. He is armed with new songs and a scorching music career, selling out all local shows and performing at amphitheaters and events nationwide. Mark is quickly becoming a household name and a popular download on all music and social media platforms. In addition, his music has become a regular spin on all the local radio stations.

When not touring, Mark Ware still serves and protects his home community at the fire department.


“Never give up on your dreams,” Mark says. “They do come true.”